Follow That Lead


At some stage in almost every sales situation, a conversation with the prospect has to take place. It’s essential that this contact is as professional and effective as possible, it simply has to be - it may be your one and only chance of securing the business! It’s my belief that only by speaking with the right people about matters that are of genuine interest to them, can I be sure of generating true potential for you.

Both you and your sales team are at their most effective when in front of your clients and customers, closing deals. I’ll help by setting these appointments with relevant, qualified, interested and budget-holding decision makers, the people that matter. Getting this right drives the success of your business. And whilst it may not be the first contact that generates the successful order, keeping in touch will help build and nurture a strong forward-looking pipeline for the future.

Promotional events, seminars, exhibitions, training programmes and product demonstrations have always been an effective and highly visible way to create a buzz around your business. Targeting and confirming the attendance of the right individuals is all important to their success. These projects typically demand a high tempo of activity and every day’s calling in the run-up to the event is critical. If there’s an alternative to precise, accurate and relevant telemarketing - getting hold of the right person, at exactly the right time - I’ve yet to come across it.

You can be assured that I will be both professional and passionate about your business and I will drive to succeed on your behalf. I will call with honesty and integrity in a highly motivated and up-beat manner and my aim is to exceed your expectations, seamlessly enhancing your reputation with your customers, clients and prospects. Courteous and professional telemarketing is a powerful addition to your organisation’s armoury.


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