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I have a long standing soft spot for this neck-of-the-woods as Surrey University was my first home-from-home where I read classical music, specializing in violin performance. My enthusiasm for music continues unabated with my friends at the Ashford Baroque Ensemble, who despite the occasional wrong note and irregular beat, happily put up with me and I love it.

In fact, with my passion for the contemporary and creative arts, I do sometimes question exactly how I ended up in sales? Mind, it could have been worse as my first post-graduate role was as a trainee chartered accountant and, whisper this, a career in auditing almost beckoned. Mercifully, I was released early on good behaviour and these experiences opened the door to many thoroughly enjoyable, and successful years, in accountancy recruitment.

Following a break to ensure my family followed a far more vocational path when flying the nest to university, I returned to selling with a high value FMCG goods company, and have never looked back. If there’s one thing I can point to which has been instrumental to both my relative success and enjoyment, it’s the telephone. I know it sounds glib but I truly love using the phone. My softly-spoken, non-confrontational Irish lilt and supportive style have proved to be my passport to an intriguing, demanding, intellectually stimulating and ever-entertaining business world. Long may it continue.

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