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Please find below a selection of testimonals from some of my recent clients.


Kathy Lawrence, Business Writer and owner of Wrightwell Editorial Services is a member of our dynamic Women in Business Networking group in Weybridge led and nurtured by Lynne Jones.  Kathy enjoyed my presentation yesterday on what I call my Cold Calling “Opener” - that opening 15/20 seconds of any cold call, where I am speaking to a very senior business professional who has never spoken with me before and I am hoping for a few minutes of their time to explain my client’s proposition. 

Have a look at Kathy’s blog entry and see what she learned at my presentation.  July 11, 2012


Maud Hadden at Follow That Lead managed a 3½ month campaign for us to promote industry awareness of new pension reforms. Despite her industry knowledge being fairly thin to start off with, Maud quickly grasped the concepts and subtle nuances of what we were trying to do and made a fantastic job of presenting our proposition to prospective clients.

At all times Maud presented herself in a completely professional manner and her easy charm and warm personality gained many an appointment were others would have failed.

Coupled with her unstinting commitment to us during the project was her impeccable reporting, which detailed her activities over each week and the fact that she presented such a positive image of our company that even when an appointment was unsuccessful the prospective client invariably wanted to be put on our mailing list.

On a personal level Maud is erudite, organised, well presented and honest and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.  April 17, 2012

Brendan Griffin, Operations Director, Mantle Financial Planning


I always put the thought of cold calling to the back of my mind as a frightening thought. This was until I met Maud Hadden from Follow That Lead.

Maud guided and assisted in putting together a script to follow when making “the call.” The cold calling coaching and advice I was given by Maud together with the script tailored to my business has been invaluable. When making my first few calls (to small corporates) not only did I get a positive response but I got an appointment and a customer.

I found the script a fabulous tool to have as it settled my nerves and kept me focused.

Maud, from Follow that Lead, is very professional, patient and is very sympathetic to people’s fear of rejection when cold calling.  May 21 2012

Eve Roussou, Authorized Distributor, Utility Warehouse Discount Club


I have now used Maud’s telemarketing services three times. It has solved the perennial problem of returning from holiday to an empty appointments diary. I can now relax on holiday knowing that Maud is working on my behalf! I would also like to highlight the quality of qualification Maud offers. I have had a one hundred percent closing rate on calls she has booked meaning no wasted journeys or futile mileage.  April 10, 2012

Helena Finden-Browne, Director, Omneco Ltd


I listened to Maud Hadden from '' speak at the Women in Business Network Weybridge group and was hugely impressed by her confident and knowledgeable presentation on the art of successful Cold Calling.  A subsequent One to One meeting with Maud resulted in her taking responsibility for introducing my work to organisations on my behalf;  here she not only discovered who I should be speaking to at various places, but she also produced a script for me to follow when I did my own follow up calls to her introductory ones.

I would recommend "Follow that Lead" wholeheartedly.  Maud has created a professional, efficient and much needed service and one that I will most definitely continue to use.  It works!  April 9, 2012

Liz Kirk, Business Owner/Education Consultant at Liz Kirk



I gave Maud Hadden a set of leads from a trade show I had attended three months previously. The quality of the leads was variable as some visitors to our stand had entered into discussion and left their details but some were simply business card drops. Maud’s brief, at Follow That Lead, was to attempt to arrange visits for me during the following two months. She was extremely professional in ensuring she understood all aspects of my business before starting her calls.

I can honestly say that the results speak for themselves. Her record keeping was exemplary and I feel that the way she represented my business was comparable with having done it myself. She successfully arranged a number of meetings with well qualified prospects and even took an order! (well above expectations) I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone as a telemarketer.

This was my first experience of subcontracting any aspect of my business and the major benefit of using Follow That Lead was simply that the task got done. Maud is focussed and dedicated to completing the task and thus helping increase sales, whereas I always seem to have something more pressing to occupy my time! Might I also add that coming back to a diary of appointments after my holiday was wonderful.  October 15, 2011

Helena Finden-Browne, Director, Omneco Ltd



Many thanks for all the hard work and dedication you have shown to me over the last four years, Maud. It is undoubtedly thanks to you that my business is the success it is today. The professional way in which you have dealt with all aspects of developing my business has been exemplary, from the manner in which you have nurtured both new and existing clients, to keeping them abreast of all relevant updates and information. Most importantly, it almost always lead to a successful sale and a happy customer.

You follow-up immediately and there is never the need to ask you to do a job as it’s invariably already done! I wish you well in your new venture, Follow That Lead, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you in this guise. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second in recommending you to anyone who is looking for the most professional ‘opener’ and skilled person to promote, invigorate, develop and proactively grow their business. Maud, you are without doubt The Best!”

Jo Mountain, Senior Consultant Demonstrator UKThermomix



In all my dealings with Maud Hadden I have always found her the ultimate professional. Whether gently wooing people to attend cooking demonstrations, chasing up forgetful and elusive chefs, cheering up nervous demonstrators or setting qualified appointments, she does everything in a charming yet persuasive way and always keeps me informed. I breathe a sigh of relief when I know Maud is around!
In her early days with Thermomix she took the trouble to come up to London to observe a large cooking demonstration I was doing in a kitchen showroom and ended up helping out, passing round food, packing up and of course chatting to all the guests. Then following up all the potential customers afterwards. I was impressed from the start, she was a great support and continues to be so. I will miss her.

Felicity Raines, Executive Demonstrator for UKThermomix



I have a restaurant in Jersey and recently decided I wanted to purchase a Thermomix. I wanted to gain a bit more knowledge regarding the Thermomix, therefore decided to call yourselves.

The individual that always dealt with my calls was Maud Hadden. She walked me through the process of how to purchase the machine. I was delighted to be on the phone with someone who was professional, efficient and whose knowledge, respect, and pleasantness made this process much more exciting. Thank you for hiring people like Maud and having them available to help your customers.

As a result of the help I got, I felt the need to let you know that I am a very happy customer and that if I ever need anything else from yourselves, I know it will be a pleasure to deal with you.

From what I understand, Maud has now decided to spread her wings and I wish her all the luck and success in her new venture “Follow That Lead”. Thank you again for an excellent customer service experience.

Paul Le Brocq, Chef/Patron, The Green Olive Restaurant, Jersey



Ms. Hadden supported senior recruitment projects for Barklay Resources in 1994.  Ms. Hadden demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the overall business and was able to add value quickly as a consultant to our senior executive initiatives.  She was strategic, very creative and highly customer oriented.  Ms. Hadden was exceptionally well regarded by our team and clients.  I would recommend her unequivocally for any senior role in related industries and sectors.

Barbara Nixon, Partner, Barklay Resources Toronto


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